Wooster 757
List Price $20.00 U.S.

Definitely the "low end" of the Airliner Collectibles market, Wooster kits
are more in the line of plastic toys than of scale model aircraft.  My
example was in the American Airlines 40th Anniversary of Jet Aircraft
"retrograde" livery.

The Plastic

Including the two piece stand the kit comes in 14 pieces of dark gunmetal
gray plastic.  The fuselage top and bottom are pre-assembled and glued, with
the centerline seam "smoothed" out using a Dremel sanding drum (something
like smoothing a seam on the side of your car by scraping it along the side
of the garage door).

Aside from the fuselage sides no effort was made to remove any flash or mold
lines from the plastic.  This affects the fit at wing root and tail
and will need to be removed by the modeler before assembly.

There are no panel lines in the plastic.  The only detail is the
inclusion of recessed lines indicating the flaps and flying surfaces.
These lines are vague, varying in depth, and need to be rescribed.

The Paint.

The vertical tail and the main engine sections are painted Boeing gray
while the elevators and rudders are painted orange.  There is no attempt to
paint the main wings and horizontal tail with either Boeing gray or to
reflect the Coruguard finish.

The Decals.

These are the best part of the kit, basically accurate and on register.
They suffer from poor application.  The side stripes are applied directly
over the centerline with no attempt to fill in the side molding scratches
first.  The starboard fuselage stripe was stretched so badly in the tail
that the rear passenger door was crescent shaped.


The Wooster Boeing 757 is an overpriced toy, lacking in quality and not
suitable as a desk model.  I would not recommend it to anyone.

Steve L. New

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