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Notes on Nose Gear Strut Variations
by Michael Zwierko

All 757 nose gear have the same basic taxi/landing light configuration.   This basic configuration consists of one large box, mounted centrally on the front of the gear leg, and two smaller boxes mounted diagonally on top of this large housing.  the large housings all contain 2 large lamps, while each of the smaller diagonal housings contain one small lamp.  Therefore, the basic taxi/landing light configuration consists of 4 lamps in three housings.  There are also two buttons (one red, on black) on the right side of all large housings; these are the APU fire alarm and shutdown buttons.

The nose gears as fitted on UPS airplanes add a medium-size 2-lamp housing, located centrally between the diagonal upper housings, giving the UPS aircraft a total of 6 lamps in 4 housings.  AA has the basic configuration with a fifth lamp centered low on the gear leg between the nose wheels for a total of 5 lamps in 4 housings.

There are also two different towbar attachments for 757s.  The UPS aircraft have a small horizontal bar between the nosewheels.  AA's 757s are fitted with two small "prongs" between the nosewheels.

All 757 main gear struts and hubs are basically identical.

Nose gear photos


12 o'clock, UPS configuration

10 o'clock, UPS configuration

3 o'clock, UPS configuration

4 o'clock, UPS configuration

6 o'clock, UPS configuration

9 o'clock, UPS configuration

11 o'clock, AA configuration

Nose gear base

Main Gear Photos


Left main gear, 12 o'clock position

Left main gear, 3 o'clock position

Left main gear, 6 o'clock position

Left main gear, 9 o'clock position

Left main gear base, 5 o'clock position

Left main gear base, 7 o'clock position

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