727-100QF (Tay)

UPS 727-100QF, unknown airport (Jerry Stanick)

One of the most ambitious projects to bring the 727s into Stage III compliance was the Quiet Freighter (QF) conversion undertaken by Dee Howard of San Antonio, Texas.  All three engines were changed from P & W's to Rolls-Royce Tay turbofans (the same engines that power the Fokker 70/100 airliners).  In addition, a partial EFIS cockpit was fitted.  To date the sole operator of the QF is United Parcel Service, which has now refitted their entire 45-strong 727-100 fleet (40 727-100 pure freighters and 5 727-100QCs)

The most obvious external change is the enlarged, humped center intake and larger, Fokker 100-type nacelles.  Otherwise the aircraft is a stock 727-100 externally.

To date no 727-200s have been refitted with Tays that I am aware of.

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