United 727-222, Orlando  (MCO), November 1982  (Andrew Abshier)

This is the definitive 727 variant, and by far the most common one seen on the airways.  727-200s were offered in two models: the original 727-200, and the 727-200 Advanced, featuring a number of improvements, mostly internal  Externally the hallmarks of the passenger 727-200 remained the same.

As compared to the 727-100, the 727-200 is 20 feet longer, at 153ft 2 inches.  Wings, stabilizers, and nacelles are visually identical to those on the 727-100.  727-200s also have a perfectly circular center inlet, instead of the oval inlet used on the 727-100.

Northwest 727-251, Chicago O'Hare, March 1982 (Andrew Abshier)

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