Alpsdecal Automotive Subjects

Joel Dirnberger

 Eden Praire (Minnesota) Police
         (fits Lindberg Crown Vic.)
 St. Paul (Minnesota) Police D.A.R.E. graphics
         (fits Ford Splash pickup)(use with Chimneyville St. Paul police set)
 1972 Plymouth Duster sport stripes
         (can print any color)
 Minnesota Dragways windshield decal
 Minnesota License plate
         (can personalize with actual plate numbers or make custom vanity plates)
 Custom Flames
         (my own design - can print any color, solid or metallic)
 Fireball 500
         (copy of original kit decals - these will be included with a soon to be available resin reproduction of the original kit)

Pete Willard

My first project is for current day intermodal modeling. I plan to do a set of over-the-road/intermodal HAZMAT trailer placards in 1:87 HO scale. ( Like the ones that say "OXIDIZER", "DANGEROUS", "FUEL OIL" that are commonly found in the little "diamond" holders.) I hope to include some designed for rail use as well. A part of this project might include trailer licence plates and maybe a road name or two and possibly some  trailer graffitti. Basically, I'm coming up with a sheet of decals that will give intermodal models a little bit of  "character".

The decal sheet size will be the smaller 8x5 format.

So far my results are pretty good using Corel Draw and Photoshop.

Matt Stricker

             I have recently finished a set of UPS decals.  This includes two types of
             shields, pre '60's as well as the more familiar shield seen today.  There is
             also the latest "globe graphics" as well as the Worldwide Olympic Sponser
             Logo.  Printed in gold metallic on clear decal paper, the sheet can be
             printed in a variety of scales.

Have a project in mind, or underway?  Send an email to me at!

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