Civil Aviation Decals Underway or Completed by Alpsdecal Members

Nick Eberhard

 Northwest logos - NW/KLM and 50 yr.
 Northwest worldplane 747-400
 Delta (new) lettering w/ widget
 Air Canada-TCA A319 logo
 Air Jamaica
 Varig (new)
 Iran Air F100
 Alitalia Baci 747-200

Dick Cole:

I'm producing:
      --Markings for unlimited air racers in 1/48 and 1/32 scale (Cobra I and II P-39s; "The Red Horse" P-63; etc.)
      --Government seals for aircraft in various scales including Civil Air Patrol seal;
        Presidential Seal; California Department of Forestry, Department of Forestry, FAA, Customs Service, etc.)
      --Logos for fire attack aircraft in 1/48 and 1/72 scale

Paul Wiegman


British United           64-67   VC10                      144          80% Compl. *
British Caledonian  67-73   VC10                      144          80% Compl. *
Air Gabon                76-__    V.953F                   72            Compl. +
Air Gabon                76-__    737/F.28/V.953F  144          Compl. **
easyJet                     97-99   737-300                  144          Compl. @
Expr. Parcel Sys.     96         F.27                         72            Compl. !
United (Wing Title)   65-71   Caravelle VI-R        144          Compl. #


NASA/SOFIA          97-__   747SP                    144          Sum 99
Iran Air                      75-79   747SP                    144           Sum 99
QANTAS                  79-__   747SP                    144           Sum 99 ***
Australia Asia          94-96   747SP                    144           Sum 99 ***
QANTAS  V-Jet       71-__   707-138B/338C    144           Fall 99
British Caledonian   69-73     707-320C             144           Future
British Caledonian   69-73      BAC 1-11            144           Future
British Caledonian   69-73      Britannia             144            Future

              *    Means all I need to do is complete the cheatline.
              **   Means artwork includes everything necessary for any two aircraft
             types.  There is enough stripe, logos and regs to make three a/c from two
                      sheets on this one.  It could be used for 1/200 747.
              *** This will merely be the little extras to use with the Microscale old
             livery decal or to convert the Flightpath new livery decal.
             +    For the 1/72 Gene Hooker vac kit.
             @  This decal features both billboard liveries for 737-300 G-EZYA:
             "" & "0990 29 29 29".  For use with DACO/Skyliners kit.
             !     This is one set of black titles & XP logo with two sets of regs &
             a/c names.  You paint diagonal yellow & green tail stripe.  Will fit
             either Airfix or         ESCI kit.
             #    This is merely two sets each of two black & two medium blue "UNITED"
             titles to be used with ATP #AD8467 decal sheet.

Andrew Abshier
UPDATED 14 August 1999
The following projects are underway; at this point all I have done is scan stuff, so I still have a ways to go.

1.  Western Airlines T-6C Texan, 1/72nd and 1/48th scales
2.  Cubana Tu-154M (old colors), 1/144th scale
3.  Air Niugini 707-320C, old colors, 1/100 and 1/144th scale
4.  Greatland Air Cargo DHC-4 Caribou, 1/72nd scale
5.  TAESA airlines fleet, 1/144th scale
6.  British Airways current colors "speedmarques" (logo with proper "fade"), various sizes, for use with FCM
            decals of BA "Utopia" liveries, 1/144th scale
7.  Air Cargo Express (Alaska) C-46 (1/72nd) and DC-6B (1/72nd and 1/144th)
8.  Various civil aircraft used in James Bond motion pictures.

Following projects are proposed; most are awaiting reference material/scanning material before proceeding:

AVIACSA: Titles and logos for fleet, 1/144th and 1/200 scales.
Aerocaribe: F-27 with full color artwork tail, 1/72nd and 1/144th
Aerocozumel: F-27 with full color artwork tail, 1/72nd and 1/144th
Mahalo: F-27, 1/72nd and 1/144th
Delta: Lockheed 10, 1/72nd
Chicago and Southern: Lockheed 10, 1/72nd
Air Tahiti Nui: A340-200, 1/144th
Aeronica: Tu-154M

Joel Dirnberger

AMT 1/48 Beechcraft Staggerwing
                  (created from original decal set - can print any color combination)

Matt Stricker
             I have recently finished a set of UPS decals.  This includes two types of
             shields, pre '60's as well as the more familiar shield seen today.  There is
             also the latest "globe graphics" as well as the Worldwide Olympic Sponser
             Logo.  Printed in gold metallic on clear decal paper, the sheet can be
             printed in a variety of scales.

Dan Thompson

I have graphics to produce markings for the Blackhawks' Grumman XF5F-1
Skyrockets.  They can be used either on the 1/72 MPM kit or the new 1/48
kit from Minicraft.  The URL is:

Have a project in mind, or underway?  Send an email to me at!

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