Ingots to Beer Cans--Aircraft Salvage

As much as we enthusiasts would love to think otherwise, all aircraft have a finite lifespan in service.  A few airliners often go on to priveleged lives as VIP transports, and even fewer end up in museums, but let's face it: the scrapyard has been, and will be, the ultimate fate for virtually all airliners in service.

Most enthusiasts are very familiar with the great storage/salvage areas of the U.S. Southwest: Marana, Phoenix-Goodyear, Mesa, and Kingman, Arizona and Mojave, California.  Those airports get a great deal of attention, and have made up the typical enthusiast ciruit for a trip to that region.  Those airports, however, are only some of the airports where airliners meet their end.  On this page, I want to introduce you to the salvage airports in my region.

For each airport, there are photographs, spotter's notes, and the latest fleet listings of hulks onsite.  Updates to this site will be gradual, so keep checking back for more coverage!


Greenwood (Memphis Air Group)


Ardmore (Aviation Sales) NEW!




Sherman (AISG, no longer in business)

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