Greenwood, Mississippi
The Memphis Group--Roster December 26, 1998

Status: all aircraft were in various stages of being scrapped.

           Type                                    Registration                        Last Operator                        Remarks
A300B4 N11985 Continental (CO) ex N217EA
A300B4 N11984 CO ex N215EA
F-28-4000 N489US USAir 
L-1011-100 N31025 TWA
L-1011-100 N31026 TWA
DC-9-30 C-FTMJ Air Canada (AC)
DC-9-30 ? AC reg painted out
N9017U 737-222 United (UA)
N9008U 737-222 UA
N9010U 737-222 UA
N9045U 737-222 UA
N9007U 737-222 UA
N9002U 737-222 UA
N9025U 737-222 UA
N9011U 737-222 UA
N9050U 737-222 UA
N9015U 737-222 UA
N9032U 737-222 UA
N9022U 737-222 UA
N9013U 737-222 UA
N605US 747-151 Northwest (NW)
N620US 747-151 NW
N610US 747-151 NW

In addition, there were several other unidentifiable aircraft remains, including at least one more ex-AC DC-9-30, and a Northwest DC-9.

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