The Boeing 727 in References and Reviews
Maintained by Andrew Abshier
updated 30 December 1997
This is just the beginning of what I hope will be a series of reference pages on the great airliners of past and present.  The Boeing 727 has been one of the great success stories for Boeing.  Originally projected to sell maybe 500 of the type, Boeing went on to build 1,832 727s, many of which are still flying today in a variety of roles.  Below is a picture of the definitive type, the 727-200, as flown by All Nippon Airways (ANA).
On this page you'll find reviews (with more coming in the weeks ahead) and reference photos....because airliner kits need detailing also!  I will also be adding some more reference photos, and a list of links to some of the airliner photo sites that have good 727 coverage in the weeks ahead.  Finally, if you've built a 727 model, or have good detail photographs, please contact me.  We hope you enjoy the page!
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 1/144th scale: Airfix and Revell 727-100s, Airfix 727-200, accessories
 1/100 scale: Review of the Doyusha (ex-Entex/Nitto) 727-200,
Aurora 727-100, and VEB-Plasticart 727-100
1/72nd scale:   Review of the Transport Wings 727-200 kit.  NEW!
Reference Photos:
Unless otherwise stated, all photos are by Andrew Abshier, and are free for downloading for personal uses.  By clicking "Go To Next Photo" on each image, you can do your own slide show instead of having to go back and forth to this page.
 Overhead view of a 727-100 with flaps and slats out
 Close-up of nose, right side
 Forward baggage door, 727-200
Rear baggage door, 727-200
 Close up of tail skid, 3/4 rear view
 NACA inlet, fuselage underside just forward of the wing root fairing
 Left engine nacelle
 Engine pylon, right nacelle, from below
 Close-up of cascade reverser grill, left nacelle, from below
 Exhausts on center and left engines, showing cascade reverser detail
 Deployed Krueger flaps, left side
 Wing root taxi/landing lights, left side
 Wing tip lights
 Wing tip lights, left side, looking from below
 Stall fence, left wing
Main landing gear:
 Right main gear (MG), looking inboard from 4 o'clock position
 Right MG, from directly behind
 Right MG, looking aft and outboard from 11 o'clock position
 Close-up of base of MG strut, right MG, from 9 o'clock position looking outboard
 Close-up of main gear base, left MG, from 2 o'clock position looking outboard
 Close-up of main wheel hub
 Close-up of base of main gear door
 Right MG door from 2 o'clock position looking inboard
Nose gear:
 Nose gear, from directly forward looking aft
 Nose gear, 3/4 frontal view from the left
 Nose gear, profile view from the left, showing hub detail
 Nose gear, 3/4 rear view looking from 8 o'clock position
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