South China Aviation Links Page


 Asian Aviation Images.  This site displays veteran Asia-based photographer Andrew Hunt's superb work.

 Spotters' HKG. Here's a site on HKG that has it all: current news on both Kai Tak and the soon-to-be opened
    Chep Lap Kok Airport, photos of aircraft at HKG from many vantage points, and general views of Kai Tak.
    The photo pages are slow to download but worth every minute of it!

 Kai Tak Spotters Pub. Another fine site on Kai Tak with photos by a number of locals.

 Gordon Tan's Aircraft Pictures. Some great photos from a former Hong Kong resident.

On  Carlos' Plane Page you'll see some great shots by another American visitor to HKG; he also has great coverage of Newark International (EWR).

 Hong Kong Aviation covers all aspects of aviation in Hong Kong, including approach/departure procedure descriptions, aerial views of HKG and Chep Lap Kok, and (soon) flight simulator material.

 Henry's Aviation Page has many more photos from HKG, and a nice display of his scale models as well.

Kai Tak Forever is an excellent set of pages by a fellow aviation enthusiast doctor, Nobuhiko Hirai.  It includes photos from many vantage points, an annotated map to show where he took each photo, and (envy, envy) a report on his jumpseat ride on the HKG IGS!

 The Hong Kong Civil Aviation Enthusiasts Club page includes even more photos from HKG, but many are group photos, nose-on shots, and other interesting angles as well as whole-airplane photos.  There is also a bulletin board that already has some spotter's notes on the new Chep Lap Kok Airport!

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