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Dr. Andy's  'ub Airport

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NEW! Struth!   Free new slides added ter Favrites From the Slide Collection: The bloomin' Convair Twins! Blimey!
NEW!   New Arrivals , featurin' classic propliners in Europe! Honest guv!
NEW! Blimey!   Request Page images: Saturn Airlines, Hughes Airwest, and Naples-PBA! Oi!
COMING SOON:   The Hub Airport Observation Deck! Struth!

A total of 20 new images 'ave been added wiv this update! Blimey!

AIRLINER PRESERVATION: New section comin' soon! Honest guv!


ON 'IATUS FOR NOW:  Two pages, Tips & Techniques and References  & Reviews are dahn for now, right, due ter problems wiv me ole server.  Sorry.

Aviation Photography: Personal Pages

Favrites from the bloody slide collection, August 1998:        "The Convair Twins" features 32 images of Convair-liners, includin' many ole favrites and a few surprises! Blimey!   NEW images added!

  Farewell Kai Tak:   This tribute ter the now-closed Kai Tak International Airport (HKG) in 'ong Kong includes photos I made in 1983 and 1986, right, a collection of writings on 'KG, right, and a list of links ter uvver 'KG pages.

  Adventures in Paradise   Recent slides from me two-monff sojourn in souff Florida, wiv coverage of MIA, FLL, right, PBI, and MCO.    There's also notes on the bleedin' photography spots I used in each place, right, to 'elp yer viewers (surfers?) wiv trip plannin'. Right.   This section will be taken off-line on 1 September.

  New Arrivals   A selection of the latest aviation photos arrivin' in me collection, updated in the middle of each monff.  Mid-August update now available! Right!

  The 'ub Airport Request Page.    'ave a request for images?  Post them 'ere, and spot images requested by uvvers.   Mid-August update now available! Struth!

The Hub Airport Observation Deck.    Spotter's reports on airports I 'ave visited in the last 2 years, annotated wiv photos.    Comin' Soon!


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Aeromoe's Flyin' Webpage features a tail gallery on Frontier Airlines, right, fleet listings, and a great song parody, "Spotter's Paradise".   Click 'ere ter visit.

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Ralph Kunadt 'as a not so bad selection of photos taken in Switzerland and abroad on 'is page,  Ralph Kunadt's Airliner Photos, right?

  Jordi Grife's Girona Aviation Spotters Page features some excellent photography of airliners servin' the souff coast of Spain, includin' a surprisin' amount of Russian-built types.

Scale Airliner Modelin'

"The cure for the common Messerschmitt"

Reba, the Cat Yer Wear, "helps" me (in typical cat fashion) wiv a box/dry-fit review of the AMT EC-135 kit.

The Alpsdecal Mailin' List 'ome Page.  Learn 'ow ter make yor own decals usin' the ALPS 'Arold Pinter! Honest guv!  This page 'as links ter subscribe ter the alpsdecal mailin' list, a list of current projects by alpsdecal members, and ter an archive of past alpsdecal digests.
Reference Photos and Reviews for Airliner Modelers  ON 'IATUS

Tips and Techniques for Airliner Modelers ON 'IATUS

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The Airmodelers Digest page. I'll get out me spoons. Visit ter see some great builtups of airliners,ffe airliner modelin' FAQ, and find out 'ow ter subscribe ter the airliner model listserv.
Scott Van Aken's 'ome page, Scotty's Modelin' Madness Webzine . This is an excellent site mainly featurin' military subjects, but also includin' some photos and reviews of model airliners.  I also 'ave some reviews of military kits I've completed on that page.

Visit me personal 'omepage,