Dr. Andy's New World Pages
I'm just getting underway with the new version of my page.  I am a veterinarian who practices on companion animals of all types, and hopes to practice on marine mammals some day in some capacity.   My professional interests include animal behavior, dentistry/oral-facial surgery, clinical pathology, and diagnostics, but virtually all aspects of veterinary medicine interest me.

Yes, I'll take your questions on pet care and medicine!  They keep my mind working, and as sharp as it needs to be to practice my profession!  Keep in mind though, this is no substitute for consulting with your own veterinarian if your pet has a problem Drop me a line here!

Personal Interests
As a boy, I had set my sights on becoming a pilot.  That dream ended when I discovered that I had a big motion sickness problem and had marginal eyesight for an Air Transport Pilot rating, a must-have to fly commercially AND make a living.  While I was very fortunate in discovering that I loved working with animals even above flying, aviation has been and continues to be a great interest of mine.  Photography began as an offshoot of my aviation interests, and also supported my animal interests as well.  To see a lot of both, follow this link to the page for all of my aviation interests,  Dr. Andy's Hub Airport.

I also have played the trombone, and have a great interest in many kinds of music.  I intend to take up the horn again very soon.

Finally, I'll open my virtual wallet, and show you pictures of the family:
 My wife, Carol
 Our niece and foster daughter, Corri Thompson
 The pets: Molly, Princess, and Reba, the Cat You Wear.
  A couple of photos of me.
Other good stuff:
Carol and I's Florida vacation!