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For those of you unfamiliar with airliner modeling, there are some things that we do that are at least somewhat unique to our genre. A military aviation modeler once accused me of being a masochist, since I chose to work in a medium that required gloss finishes AND natural metal finishes on the same model! Actually, airline models really aren't that difficult, but like modelers of all stripes we do like to find ways to do our models better with each project.

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 Click on the links below to hear from AMD members, and others, about these topics:

 Stretching or shrinking fuselages, or, how to make different variants of the same design from one or two kits.

 Too many windshields on models do not fit like they should. Learn how to install a windshield that looks like part of the aircraft.

 Airliner modelers live and die by gloss finishes.  On this page read about techniques for achieving a great gloss finish on your airliner model (or any model that needs it, for that matter).

Scott Head of IPMS/Houston recently authored an excellent article on weathering aircraft models and methods for achieving good natural metal finishes.  While intended primarily for the military modeler, the article is also useful for airline modeling.  Take the direct link to Scott's article here.


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