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Reference Photos and Reviews for Airliner Modellers

This is another page I am just getting started! This page arose because I found that looking through slides through a loupe to get information on one detail or another was just too much of a hassle! Looking at them on-line is MUCH easier, IMHO!

What you'll see here are photos taken of airliners still in existence today. Detail photos of vintage airliners are hard to come by, unless they can be obtained from museum pieces or the few still in service, so with regard to reference photos, this page will have a distinct jetliner emphasis for the time being.

 Included with the listing of reference photos are capsule reviews of available kits. More comprehensive kit reviews will be included as I recieve them. I've also provided direct links to existing airliner model reviews on the Internet.

 Of course, your photos and reviews would be welcome additions to this page. Email me if you have any, and we'll go from there. For the rest of 1997, I have scanning capability on both prints and slides, so please email me if you want to send photos by mail. If you want to send scans, please send them through Netscape, as I'm not capable of MIME unencoding. My email link is at the bottom of this page.


U.S.-built airliners:


 727s in References and Reviews   Full coverage of the 727-100 and 727-200, including kit reviews and nearly 30 reference photos!

 737-100/200  Full coverage of the 737-100 and -200; many detail photos are also applicable to the -300/-400/-500 as well! Under construction

747-100/200 and 747SP:  to follow the 737

Douglas (DC-1 through DC-9)

 DC-3: Detailed reviews of the  1/48 scale Monogram kit and Minicraft 1/144 DC-3, as seen on Scotty's Modeling Madness Webzine.  Or for an excellent concise history and quick reviews of other DC-3 kits, go directly to The DC-3: History and Plastic Rundown by IPMS-Houston member Michael Bludworth, as seen on the IPMS-Houston home page.  Need DC-3 photos?  Take this  link to some photos on Troy Downen's  Modeler's Home Page .

 McDonnell-Douglas (all MD-designated types)

 MD-90 capsule review/photos

European-Built Airliners

Airbus Industrie:
        A300B4/A310 Full coverage of Airbus Industrie's first two airliner types! Under Construction

De Havilland Heron Detailed kit review as seen on  Scotty's Modeling Madness Webzine.

 Fokker F-27 Detailed kit review of the Revell kit as seen on Scotty's Modeling Madness Webzine.

BAC/Aerospatiale ConcordeDetailed review as seen on  Scotty's Modeling Madness Webzine.

Soviet/CIS-built airliners:


 Tu-154 capsule reviews/photos


 Yak-40 capsule reviews/photos

Special Features

Atlantic Models decals reviewed.  New!

Full-size scan of the Hasegawa JAS Kurosawa liveries 1 and 2 decal sheet.

 Full-size scan of the Hasegawa JAS Kurosawa liveries 3 and 4 decal sheet. 

 Full-size scan of the Hasegawa JAS "Rainbow" livery 777-200 decal sheet.


 I can always use photos and reviews for this site.

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