Airliner kits for sale
Andrew Abshier

Unless otherwise stated, all kits are in open boxes, with major parts removed.  All parts are present and undamaged to the best of my knowledge, and kit decals are included.  Any variations to the above will be pointed out.

All prices are in U.S. Dollars.

List of abbreviations:
FSW:  Kit is still in factory shrinkwrap
PBS: Box is open but parts bags sealed
A (*) next to any kit designates kits where accessories are available.

Scans of decals or brass sets will be sent upon request.  Many of the Eduard sets are on-line in the Aircraft Resource Center Instruction Sheet Library.

    Shipping:  For all buyers, once a sale is made, email your address and I'll reply with a postage quote within 72 hours.   Decals and/or accessory items  shipped with kits are shipped free, otherwise I charge $1.50 for any quantity  of decals.  Buyers from other countries need to email me to get a postage  quote.   Shipping will be within 3 working days after receipt of payment.

Payment:  From U. S. buyers,  I accept checks, money orders, or payment by credit card via Pay Pal.  For all other countries payment is required either by an int'l money order drawn in U. S. funds or credit card via Pay Pal.

Send payment by mail to:

Andrew Abshier
c/o Banfield, the Pet Hospital #295
4425 14th Street West
Bradenton, FL 34207

   With the preliminaries out of the way, here is the list!   

   1/144th scale unbuilt kits:

Airfix 727-200s (bagged, no boxes, 2 left): $5.00 each

Minicraft 777-224 Continental (GE90 engines): $20.00

Minicraft 777-223 American Airlines (RR Trent engines): $20.00
 Revell BAe-146-200 Eurowings: $9.00

Trumpeter Il-76M  Aeroflot/VVVS: $25.00
Welsh Il-76M/MD Heavylift/Cubana:  $30.00 (one nacelle trailing edge   broken, piece is included)

BraZ Il-76 cast resin corrected nacelle fronts and exhausts for Trumpeter kit: $10.00

Liveries Unlimited (LU) Gulf Air A320 decal: $4.00

LU Gulf Air A340 decal: $5.00

LU Iberia A320 decal (should suit A321 also): $5.00

L.A. decal (South American manufacturer) Lineas Aereas Paraguayas 707-320B decal: $2.00

LU Transocean Stratocruiser: $5.00

LU United 777-222: $6.00


   1/72nd scale unbuilt kits:

    Bilek AN-2 (skis) Aeroflot: $7.00
Gavia Let-410 Aeroflot/untitled civilian/Czech AF: $15.00
Italaeri Ju-52 civil, Lufthansa/SAS/Ju-Air: $10.00
   Revell Dornier 228 Polar Expedition, one prop broken: $5.00


Dutch Decal 72008: KLM DC-3 in overall orange neutrality markings, 1939-40; Aero-Holland C-47, 1948; Schreiner Holland DHC-6 Twin Otter

Cast resin conventional DC-3 noses: convert your ESCI long-nosed R4D-5 to a regular DC-3: $2.00 each.